Accessing Tickets with the MLB Ballpark App

With fans returning to the ballpark in 2021, one major change across the league is that all tickets must be accessed through the MLB Ballpark App. This free app allows you to access and manage your digital tickets in a safe and secure way. No paper tickets will be allowed this season, and many box offices across the league will remain closed on game days, meaning tickets will need to be purchased before getting to the ballpark. Below are instructions for accessing tickets with the MLB Ballpark App. | KAUFFMAN STADIUM SAFETY GUIDELINES

1. Download the MLB Ballpark App on your smartphone

The app is free and can be found by clicking these links: APPLE | ANDROID

2. Create an MLB Account within the MLB Ballpark App

When you create your MLB account, use the same email address you used to purchase your tickets. This is necessary to access your tickets!

Sign up screen within the MLB Ballpark App

Pro Tip: The app will prompt you to select your favorite teams. If you purchased Royals tickets, select the Royals as your favorite team. It will help you find your tickets much quicker! (The same goes for any team)

3. Verify your email address

Once your MLB account is created, you will need to verify your email address. You can verify your email address by tapping the Settings gear from the top right hand corner of the Today tab, tapping on MLB Account, and tapping to send the verification email.

You will receive a verification email (sent to the email address requested). Simply tap the link in the email to allow access to your tickets within the MLB Ballpark App.

Now that you have created an MLB Account within the MLB Ballpark App, here is a breakdown of how to accept the tickets your purchased:

1. Check your inbox for your initial transfer email

Once your tickets are purchased, they will be transferred to you via the email account provided at purchase. Look for a subject line similar to the following, or an email from

“Tickets have been forwarded to you”

“sent you tickets”

2. Open the email and click the link to accept your tickets

Within the transfer email, click the “Access Tickets” link to access your tickets within the MLB Ballpark App.

LEFT: Example of a transfer email after you purchase tickets | RIGHT: Tickets within the MLB Ballpark App

As long as you have created your account within the MLB Ballpark App with the same email address as the one you used to purchase your tickets, this step should take you straight to your tickets.

3. Access your tickets within the MLB Ballpark App

Once you go through the above process, your tickets are in your account! Congratulations!

To access your tickets, simply open the app and click on the “Tickets” button at the bottom of the your screen. This will open up the ticket screen and give the the opportunity to save the tickets to your wallet (Apple) or transfer tickets to other members of your attending party. Clicking the ticket box will open your app to show all of your purchased tickets, including parking. (see below)

LEFT: Tap the blue box to open your tickets
MIDDLE: Tap “Open” to open each individual ticket
RIGHT: View your ticket for scanning at gate

As you prepare to attend a baseball game this season, be sure to take the time to understand the stadium protocols.

To view the updated protocols at Kauffman Stadium this season, click here: KAUFFMAN STADIUM SAFETY GUIDELINES

More questions about accessing your tickets with the MLB Ballpark App? Give us a call at 913-685-3322 or check out these other helpful tutorials:

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