Royals Promotional Schedule 2020

The 2020 Royals Promotional Schedule is out! You won’t want to miss out on these great promotions from the Kansas City Royals for the 2020 baseball season. Click on the game date below to buy Kansas City Royals tickets.

Royals Promotional Schedule

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*Dates and promotions are subject to change

4/23:05 PMMariners at RoyalsOpening Day, Greater Kansas City Day, Magnetic Schedule
4/51:05 PMMariners at RoyalsFamily FunDay Sunday
4/177:05 PMOrioles at RoyalsBuck Night
4/181:05 PMOrioles at RoyalsRoyals Tote Bag
4/191:05 PMOrioles at RoyalsFamily FunDay Sunday
5/17:05 PMTigers at RoyalsBuck Night, Summer Fireworks
5/31:05 PMTigers at RoyalsFamily FunDay Sunday
5/61:05 PMAstros at RoyalsSchool Day at The K
5/157:05 PMDodgers at RoyalsTourism Night, Buck Night, Summer Fireworks
5/166:05 PMDodgers at RoyalsWelcome Home Mat
5/171:05 PMDodgers at RoyalsJackie Robinson Monarchs Tee, Salute to Negro Leagues Day
5/197:05 PMAngels at RoyalsT-Shirt Tuesday
5/227:05 PMRangers at RoyalsBuck Night, Summer Fireworks
5/231:05 PMRangers at RoyalsJorge “Soler Power” Bobble
5/241:05 PMRangers at RoyalsFamily FunDay Sunday
6/57:05 PMIndians at RoyalsBig Slick Celebrity Game, Buck Night, Summer Fireworks
6/61:05 PMIndians at RoyalsHunter “Bull-Dozier” Bobble
6/71:05 PMIndians at RoyalsGirl Scout Day, Family Funday Sunday
6/127:05 PMTwins at Royals1970 Away Jersey, Buck Night, Summer Fireworks
6/133:05 PMTwins at RoyalsWhit Merrifield “Hit Counter” Bobble
6/141:05 PMTwins at RoyalsSluggerrr’s Birthday Bash, Family FunDay Sunday
6/267:05 PMIndians at RoyalsHawaiian Shirt, Buck Night, Summer Fireworks
6/271:05 PMIndians at RoyalsBullpen Cart
6/281:05 PMIndians at RoyalsFamily FunDay Sunday
6/307:05 PMD-backs at RoyalsT-Shirt Tuesday
7/17:05 PMD-backs at RoyalsFireworks Spectacular
7/177:05 PMRed Sox at RoyalsBuck Night, Summer Fireworks
7/186:05 PMRed Sox at RoyalsFaith and Family Night
7/191:05 PMRed Sox at RoyalsFamily FunDay Sunday
7/217:05 PMRays at RoyalsT-Shirt Tuesday
7/227:05 PMRays at RoyalsLibrary Night
7/247:05 PMPadres at Royals6-Pack Cooler, Retro Night, Buck Night, Summer Fireworks
7/256:05 PMPadres at RoyalsWhitey Herzog Bobble
7/261:05 PMPadres at RoyalsFamily FunDay Sunday
8/77:05 PMTwins at RoyalsTrading Cards, Buck Night, Summer Fireworks
8/86:05 PMTwins at RoyalsGeorge Brett MVP Bobble
8/91:05 PMTwins at RoyalsOKC Thunder Day, Family FunDay Sunday
8/117:05 PMYankees at RoyalsT-Shirt Tuesday
8/217:05 PMIndians at RoyalsBuck Night, Summer Fireworks
8/226:05 PMIndians at RoyalsLadies Hat, Girls Night Out
8/231:05 PMIndians at RoyalsFamily FunDay Sunday
9/117:05 PMWhite Sox at RoyalsArmed Forces Night, Buck Night
9/126:05 PMWhite Sox at RoyalsViva Los Reales
9/131:05 PMWhite Sox at RoyalsFamily FunDay Sunday
9/257:05 PMTwins at RoyalsFuture’s Night, Buck Night
9/266:05 PMTwins at RoyalsHoodie, Fan Appreciation Night
9/272:05 PMTwins at RoyalsSchedule / Team Photo, Family FunDay Sunday
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