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Tickets For Less strives to satisfy customers while giving them the best experience possible. At TFL, we work to partner with local sports teams, events, concerts and more, to give our customers the best we have to offer. Because of our great relationships and partnerships, we are given opportunities not many companies get to receive. With each opportunity we are given, we strive to give back to our customers to let them know they are appreciated and valued.

Tickets For Less Partnerships

One of our greatest partnerships is with the Kansas City Royals. We offer some of the best tickets with the best prices to the games all season long. In addition, we have cool deals that we reward customers. This month, some lucky customers received on field passes to the Royals game! These lucky fans met some players, coaches and more as the Royals warmed up.

Tickets For Less Customers on the field!Tickets For Less Customers on the field!

“It was pretty cool.  It was fun to interact with players and watch batting practice up close. Thanks so much!” -Mike J.

Tickets For Less Customers on the field! Tickets For Less Customers on the field! Tickets For Less Customers on the field!Tickets For Less Customers on the field!

“You have made four lifelong Kansas City natives very happy! Can’t thank you all enough!” -Shari P.

Tickets For Less Thanks You

We want to continue to thank all of our customers. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help your experience. Our goal is to keep all customers satisfied. Although we can’t guarantee a Royals win each game, we can promise we will try our best to give all our customers a great experience.



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