Tips to avoid Kansas City Royals ticket scams

Tickets For Less owner Dan Rouen appeared on FOX 4 in July 2015 to lend us all some tips on how to avoid Kansas City Royals ticket scams.

Since the Royals burst back onto the playoff scene for the first time since 1985, tickets to The K have been hot. This comes with the opportunity for scammers to take your money with fake tickets. Dan offers some of his tips on how to shop for tickets the right way.

Protect yourself

Don’t buy tickets that are easy to fake. Since a lot of tickets are distributed online, most of them are on paper instead of a typical ticket stub. It’s easy to fake a ticket that comes on a piece of paper, so make sure you don’t buy a paper ticket off the street.

Buy from a legitimate business

You can find great prices on tickets you can trust from ticket brokers.

Tickets For Less has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is a National Association of Ticket Brokers member. The NATB has strict ethics guidelines for its members to ensure that we are selling authentic tickets. We can guarantee that any of our tickets will be legitimate and you shouldn’t buy from a source that can’t make that guarantee.

You’re going to get what you pay for

If you haven’t followed the first two steps and you are being offered an amazing price on a ticket, be vigilant of the value of these tickets. You aren’t going to find the perfect ticket at a bargain price right outside the stadium before the game, especially for a Royals team that just won the World Series.

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