Royals Routed by Indians

Trying to follow up a 13-2 loss is difficult, but should be easier than losing 7-1.

The Royals’ struggles continued, Friday, as the bats were quiet yet again, and Cleveland lit up Yordano Ventura for 5 runs in four innings in another nightmare outing for the defending World Champions.

Ventura’s earned runs were an obvious issue, but his lead-leading (and not even close) walks this season are a cause for tremendous concern. Ventura also threw 97 pitches in four innings, much of that due to Cleveland fighting off pitches, but also a lack of command from the young righty.

Alex Gordon hit a ninth inning single which scored the only run for Kansas City on a night where Mike Moustakas was scratched from the lineup for a sore thumb which has bothered him in recent weeks–mostly on defense.

As Ned Yost said after the game, his team showed a drop in energy early in the game, likely from the pressure of losing and not being able to figure out how to change the momentum.

KC is still a .500 baseball team even despite the losses, but at some point, making excuses and expecting the team to flip the switch isn’t so easy rolled off the tongue.

There is a lack of consistency, but also seemingly a lack of cohesiveness on the field, as the Royals defense has committed a multitude of errors this season to the dismay of fans used to witnessing the league’s top defensive unit.

Players and coaches, in particular Yost, will continue to repeat the same message moving forward; no change in approach and they’ll continue to work and play their game.

While that is fairly generic commentary in sports, it’s absolutely 100-percent truth for the Kansas City Royals.

One things which has brought them success in recent years is a commitment to playing a particular style of baseball and executing a specific game plan–a unique approach to the game which other teams have appeared to learn how to play against.

It’s similar to the adjustment teams in the NFL needed to make against the wildcat offensive formations first used by the Miami Dolphins.

Defenses weren’t able to figure out the exact defense needed to stop it, but after seeing it enough times, the adjustments were made and it became much more difficult to execute.

Luckily in baseball, there is another game the next day, so putting a loss behind you is much easier to do.

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